Voice-Over & Audio Production Resources

Help yourself to these resources!

Resources VO MinuteI co-produce a free podcast for voice talent called ‘The VO Minute.’ If you’re looking for great free info, then The VO Minute is for you! There are over 100 episodes available. You can find it on iTunes and download it here:

The VO Minute

Resources VOMOIf you need to time a script and figure out a budget for an audio project, then check out The VOMO. The VOMO web site has easy-to-use calculators that help talent and producers estimate recording and post-production times. In addition, you can convert scripts from one unit to another as well as determine hourly rates.


Resources MusicFind unique, original production music for any project. A user-friendly interface makes it easy to browse and listen, while paying via PayPal makes it quick to buy.

Marktree – Production Music

Check out the links below for audio engineering/web design services and the Math Bytes YouTube channel.