Voice-Over & Audio Production Resources

I’m co-producer of a free podcast for voice talent called ‘The VO Minute.’ There are over 100 episodes available. You can find it on iTunes or download it here:

The VO Minute

I’m also the co-developer of the web site, vomo.info. The VOMO web site has several easy-to-use calculators that help talent and producers estimate recording and post-production times, convert scripts from one unit to another, and determine hourly rates. Check it out:


If you’re talent and you need a demo or if you have any audio production needs, contact Joe McNeil. He’s the best:

Marktree Productions

  • If you’re a recording studio or an audio producer and you’d like a trial membership to the VOMO site…
  • If you have a topic suggestion for the VO Minute podcast…
  • If you have any questions…

Please contact me: (323) 243-1788 / Send an email