Allison Moffett

E-Learning Script Review

If you’re an instructional designer or e-learning script writer, I can make your scripts more effective and more efficient to read. After voicing many, many e-learning programs, I know what translates well to audio and what is easier for voice talent to read.

Save Time and Money

An easier-to-interpret script means fewer pickups and timing mistakes. Get your project done faster with fewer pickup fees.

No Risk

Fees are based on VO word count, so you know up front exactly what it will cost. Plus, get a discount if I voice the script for you.

Did you know:
  • Word order makes a big difference when talent is voicing a script. For example, which is easier to read, “it also is” or “it is also”?
  • Using too few, or too many commas, can create confusion in script interpretation.
  • Bullet point lists are an important element in e-learning scripts.
  • Formatting – where your lines and pages break – should not be left to chance!

Your End-Users Benefit

Scripts that are appropriately written and punctuated for audio production lead to better interpretation; the information you need to impart is more readily understood.

So much voice work is done remotely with no director or writer listening in to the recording session. Save yourself time and effort with a clear, easy-to-interpret script.

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